A pioneering company established in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the city of Jeddah at the beginning of 2019, a limited liability company according to the foreign investment system in the Kingdom, which has drawn its expertise in information technology for more than 15 years working inside and outside the Kingdom with the largest and most important local and international IT companies and participated in many of Exhibitions, Gitex and others, and in the development of industrial systems and solutions, companies and the most important applications, as well as benefiting from their marketing experience To know many of the needs of the Gulf and global market, which played a role in the development of traditional companies into electronic ones. It also participated in many courses and participated in evaluating ideas for facilities and obtained the international license from King Abdulaziz University for Entrepreneurship. The company worked to establish important international relationships and partnerships, as It signed contracts with a number of American, Japanese, German, Emirati, Egyptian and Jordanian companies in order to keep pace with the latest developments and transfer all kinds of knowledge, technical expertise, artificial intelligence, data systems and ideas, and now the company has established a number of programs and applications in the field of metals, renewable energy, transportation, retail and medicine.

Blue Web for Information Technology aims to innovate in developing systems, programs and applications, medical solutions, technical services, industrial and consulting solutions, and providing software solutions. We also direct our attention to building strategic partnerships with international companies and factories specialized in the field of information technology in order to provide the latest technologies to our customers inside and outside the Kingdom. We focus on understanding the technical needs of our customers in addition to our relentless pursuit to reach a clear picture of their business to provide a real service that suits their requirements. One of our most important goals is to reach the list of the 100 largest technology companies in the world